Bach Flower Remedies For Moms

An 8-week Bach flower remedies foundation course
plus special resources and tips just for moms—and people like moms!

Are you a mom who is passionate about natural healing?

Are you looking for better ways to support your loved ones' emotional wellbeing?

Are you tired, overworked, or just needing some self-care?


Bach flower remedies could be just what you've been looking for!

What are Bach flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies are a natural, holistic healing system for mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Bach system is made up of 38 remedies plus a rescue combination that you might already be familiar with, also known as Rescue®Remedy. The remedies are non-toxic and safe for all ages and situations.

But what do they do exactly?

Bach flower remedies help us release mental and emotional stress so we can experience greater health, freedom and joy.

The remedies address a wide range of states—fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, overwhelm, confusion, low self-esteem, exhaustion, and much more.

They help to restore happiness, resilience, and peace of mind so that you can live your life at its best.

Bach flowers will also help you feel empowered—knowing how easily you can make a difference for yourself and your loved ones!

Is this course for you?

"Moms" come in many forms. They are the givers, nurturers, comforters, caretakers, and guides. They are the ones who hold our families together.

They are also the ones who practice self-care the least—and who deserve it the most!

This course is designed to support "moms" of all kinds—biological moms, adoptive moms, like-a-moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, and anyone who is in a carer and nurturer role. And yes, this means all the many forms of dads too!

This course is especially for you if you value natural solutions for your family's health. And if you believe that mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing go hand in hand.

In addition to covering all the basics on Bach flower remedies, this course will cover many topics relevant to moms and other caregivers—including remedies for self-care and for common children's issues.

What you will learn in this course

What Bach flower remedies are

Learn what the remedies are, how they are made, how they are used, and what they can do for you.

The origins and history of Bach flower remedies

Learn the fascinating story of Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered the remedies and left an extraordinary legacy.

The 39 remedies & their indications

Learn each of the remedies, the associated emotional states, and how to recognize them in yourself and your loved ones.

How to create custom remedy blends

Learn how to determine which remedies are needed, how to create custom blends, and how to prepare and take the remedies.

How to support your own emotional wellbeing

Learn how to use the remedies for your own self-care, healing, wellbeing, and personal transformation.

How to help your children and loved ones 

Learn how you can use Bach flower remedies for common children's issues and to support your whole family's wellbeing.

Course details

Thursdays, February 3 through March 24, 2022
9-11am PST  |  12-2pm EST

This is a live, interactive course that meets on Zoom.
Participants are asked to attend the live classes. For those who need to miss an occasional session (up to 3), the recording will be made available upon request.

Registration is opening soon.

What people are saying

I highly recommend Linda's Bach Flower Remedies Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it comprehensive, fun, and approachable. Linda's teaching style is friendly, welcoming, interactive, and professional. She incorporated many different styles of learning and ways to approach the understanding of the remedies and this beautiful healing modality. Thank you, Linda—I learned so much!

– Erin Ellis

Linda is a gifted and passionate teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a well of knowledge, and no matter how you learn best, she has a phenomenal skill of introducing and sharing the material in a very integrative and accommodating way to all students. The course is interactive and fun ... I highly recommend Linda as a teacher and her fantastic course.

– Daphna Bisset

Linda is an amazing instructor. The course handouts and lectures were so well-crafted that remembering each Bach Flower Remedy was effortless.

– Shuilan May

You are amazing, my dear! Linda, I don't even know what I am going to do without your weekly lessons in my life! I feel empowered after taking the course. Thank you very much! I am absolutely hooked. I know that with time these essences will become my true friends and help me and my loved ones feel lighter in life.

– Katerina Perfilieva

I could write a dissertation on the merits of your course! Your intuitive mastery in the art of communication (with clarity and wisdom) makes you a remarkable educator. I learned so much and was captivated with each class meeting.

– Lois Kusunoki

Linda has a deep knowledge of BFR, experience with using them, and also a great passion to share her wisdom with others. She made the course fun and easy... The results that I’ve experienced personally when using BFR for myself were truly liberating, empowering and inspiring. I feel blessed that I was able to learn from Linda how to use these very special remedies.

– Alicja Pasek-Smith