Bach Flower Remedy Repertory

This is a repertory-style remedy selection guide, with a list of common mental and emotional states. The options are not exhaustive, but they will get you started on exploring the remedies. You should read about each remedy carefully to determine it is the best fit for your case.

It is best to select a maximum of 6 remedies for use at one time. Consider what is most urgent or important to resolve now. After some days or weeks, you can re-evaluate the symptoms and continue to use the same blend or come up with a new list of remedies, as appropriate.

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Aggression – Vine, Holly, Impatiens, Beech

Anger – Holly, Impatiens, Beech, Vervain, Willow

Anxiety – Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose

Apathy – Wild Rose

Attention, need for – Heather, Chicory

Approval, need for – Centaury, Chicory


Bitterness, victim feeling – Willow

Blaming, finger-pointing – Holly, Willow, Beech

Bossiness – Vine

Boundaries, difficulty setting – Centaury


Change, difficulty coping with – Walnut

Control – Chicory, Vine, Vervain, Rock Water, Agrimony

Control, over others – Chicory, Vine, Vervain

Control, over oneself – Rock Water, Agrimony

Concentration, difficult – Olive, Hornbeam, Honeysuckle, Clematis, Chestnut Bud, White Chestnut


Daydreaming – Clematis

Depletion – Hornbeam, Olive, Oak, Elm

Despair – Sweet Chestnut, Gorse

Direction, lack of direction in life – Wild Oat

Disconnection – Honeysuckle, Clematis, Chestnut Bud, White Chestnut, Water Violet

Discouragement, disappointment – Gentian

Disgust, with self or other – Crab Apple

Distraction – Clematis, Chestnut Bud

Dread – Hornbeam, Aspen


Embarrassment, self-consciousness – Crab Apple, Mimulus

Envy – Holly

Exhaustion – Hornbeam, Olive, Oak


Failure, conviction/fear of – Larch, Gentian

Fatigue – Hornbeam, Olive, Oak

Fatigue, after effort or exertion – Olive, Oak

Fatigue, anticipatory – Hornbeam

Fear – Mimulus, Aspen, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum

Fear, of the unknown – Aspen

Fear, worry about loved ones – Red Chestnut

Fear, of losing control – Cherry Plum 

Fixed ideas, behaviors – White Chestnut, Crab Apple, Honeysuckle, Cherry Plum


Grief, over loss – Star of Bethlehem

Guilt, self-blame, self-reproach – Pine


Hatred, desire for revenge – Holly

Heartbreak Star of Bethlehem

Hopelessness – Gorse, Sweet Chestnut

Hurry – Impatiens


Impatience – Impatiens

Indecision – Scleranthus, Cerato, Wild Oat

Indecision, about life calling – Wild Oat

Irritability – Impatiens, Beech, Holly

Isolation, lack of interest in others – Water Violet


Jealousy – Holly, Chicory


Loquacity – Heather


Mood swings – Mustard, Scleranthus

Motivation, lack of – Hornbeam, Wild Rose, Wild Oat


Obsessive-compulsive – Cherry Plum, Crab Apple, White Chestnut

Overwhelm – Elm


Panic – Rock Rose, Rescue Remedy

Past, living in – Honeysuckle

Perfectionism – Rock Water, Crab Apple

Procrastination – Hornbeam, Elm, Wild Rose, Larch

Purpose, sense of lack of – Wild Oat


Rage – Holly, Cherry Plum


Sadness, depression – Gentian, Gorse, Mustard, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem

Sadness, depression, after a setback or disappointment – Gentian

Sadness, depression, after a trauma or loss – Star of Bethlehem

Sadness, depression, for no particular reason – Mustard

Self-confidence, low – Larch, Centaury, Heather, Crab Apple

Sensitivity, to external influences – Walnut

Shame, mortification – Crab Apple, Pine

Shyness, timidity – Mimulus

Superiority, sense of – Water Violet, Vine, Rock Water

Suppression – Agrimony, Centaury


Temper, hot, or tantrums – Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Holly

Trauma, shock – Rescue Remedy, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose

Trauma, shock, aftereffects – Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum