Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopaths Course

Are you a homeopath interested in learning adjunct therapies to boost your clinical success and your client satisfaction? Are you also concerned about how to use these therapies in a way that respects the principles of your classical homeopathic practice?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, this course is designed for you!

This course is an in-depth introduction to Bach Flower Therapy. The goal of the course is to equip you with the tools and confidence to use Bach Flower Therapy in your practice right away. Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn about:

  • The 38 remedies and homeopathic comparisons
  • Casetaking, analysis, prescription and preparation
  • Dr. Bach's life, legacy and connection to homeopathy
  • Integrating Bach remedies into clinical practice
  • Using the remedies for personal and spiritual growth

The course covers topics equivalent to a combined Level 1 and Level 2 course, plus a lot more that you will not find in other Bach remedy trainings!

7 Reasons to Take the Course

  1. Bach Flower Therapy is philosophically and clinically compatible with homeopathy.
  2. It is a chapter in the history of homeopathy.
  3. It is easy to master and use—and effective!
  4. Bach remedies are used by enthusiastic homeopaths worldwide.
  5. The remedies are found in our homeopathic literature and software databases.
  6. Bach remedies give us insight into plants and homeopathic plant taxonomy.
  7. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the remedies will support breakthrough success in your clinical practice!

I promise that, at the end of this course, you will know everything you need to start using Bach remedies for yourself and your family, and to achieve better results in your clinical practice right away.

Who Is Eligible?

The course is open to all homeopaths and professional-track homeopathy students (only).
This is an in-depth practitioner course that makes connections between Bach flower therapy and homeopathic theory and practice.

Course Details

Wednesday, June 8
9-11am PDT  |  12-2pm EDT  |  5-7pm BST
This free introductory webinar is an integral part of the course (see below).

Wednesdays, June 15 through August 3, 2022
9-11:15am PDT  |  12-2:15pm EDT  |  5-7:15pm BST

This is a live, interactive course that meets on Zoom.
For those who need to miss an occasional session, the recording will be made available upon request.

Cost: $295
Includes 20+ hours of training, course workbook, and course certificate upon successful completion of assessment.

The course is open to homeopaths and professional-track students of homeopathy only. If you do not meet this requirement, please do not purchase the course as your registration will be cancelled. If you would like to join an upcoming course for non-homeopaths, please contact me.

Registration is closed

If you are interested in attending a future Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopaths course, contact me to be added to the list.

Join the free introductory class

The first session of the course is open to all eligible participants for free. This content-rich session is not a sales call but an integral part of the course. You will learn:

  • What Bach Flower Therapy is
  • How it differs from homeopathy
  • Dr. Bach's life, legacy and connection to homeopathy
  • How you can use Bach Flower Therapy to increase your success in your practice

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
9-11am PDT  |  12-2pm EDT  |  5-7pm BST

Register for the free intro call

See What Others Are Saying

Linda is an amazing instructor. The course handouts and lectures were so well-crafted that remembering each Bach Flower Remedy was effortless. I integrated homeopathy with the Bach Flower Remedies immediately after completing the course with even better results than before. My clients love the “magic potion” that I've learned to prepare in Linda's course. Attending this course absolutely improved my ability to achieve positive results for my clients and add confidence in my prescribing.

– Shuilan May

Linda Nurra is an amazing teacher and practitioner. The class is great. Bach remedies can support Homeopathy and it's really worth the commitment to learn them and experience their effect. They are much easier to learn, identify and practice and doing the training with Linda will make it so much easier to study. Worth the time and money. You get a lot!

– Rina Amir

Thank you so much for this certificate. The class was a wonderful experience. I learnt a great deal. You offered so many different ways to understand the essences and incorporate them into our homeopathy practice and everyday life.

– Penny Kelleher

Thank you so much for this wonderful class. You are such an amazing teacher, you should conduct this class for homeopaths often, and share this legacy of Dr. Bach. I feel lucky to have learnt it from a passionate healer like you. Wishing you more healing and insight in your excellent work.

– Kausar Saiyed

Linda is a gifted and passionate teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a well of knowledge, and no matter how you learn best, she has a phenomenal skill of introducing and sharing the material in a very integrative and accommodating way to all students. The course is interactive and fun, and you will not only gain great knowledge, but also feel confident and ready to integrate BFE into your practice. I highly recommend Linda as a teacher and her fantastic course.

– Daphna Bisset, RSHom(NA)

You are amazing, my dear! Linda, I don't even know what I am going to do without your weekly lessons in my life! I feel empowered after taking the course. Thank you very much! I am absolutely hooked. I know that with time these essences will become my true friends and help me and my loved ones feel lighter in life. I feel so comfortable in their company already! There is so much sense in their existence ... and they are beautiful too!

– Katerina Perfilieva

I could write a dissertation on the merits of your course! Your intuitive mastery in the art of communication (with clarity and wisdom) makes you a remarkable educator. I learned so much and was captivated with each class meeting. I started prescribing the Bach Flowers and find it is a perfect introduction to homeopathic care. Thank you for such an amazing, memorable, out of the park course!

– Lois Kusunoki

I highly recommend Linda's Bach Flower Remedies Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it comprehensive, fun, and approachable. Linda's teaching style is friendly, welcoming, interactive, and professional. She incorporated many different styles of learning and ways to approach the understanding of the remedies and this beautiful healing modality. Thank you, Linda—I learned so much!

– Erin Ellis, CCH

Linda’s course Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopaths gave me great confidence in using Bach Flower Remedies and I have been using them regularly ever since. Linda has a deep knowledge of BFR, experience with using them, and also a great passion to share her wisdom with others. She made the course fun and easy.

On top of the practical use of BFR, we learned about the theory, philosophy and history of this treatment, and about the relationship between the BFR and the homeopathic remedies used for similar emotional states. She provided extensive list of literature and other references for further study. This wholistic approach to presenting BFR was very helpful for me and made it easy to memorize the remedies and their uses.

I wholeheartedly recommend this top-quality course to any homeopath who is interested in BFT. I am now able to utilize BFR with sometimes amazing results in both mental/emotional problems and also in physical problems with clear mental/emotional components. The results that I’ve experienced personally when using BFR for myself were truly liberating, empowering and inspiring. I feel blessed that I was able to learn from Linda how to use these very special remedies.

– Alicja Pasek-Smith, Ph.D.

Dear brilliant Linda,

It is rare to find an instructor, mentor, friend who invests so much time and energy to help others. We feel honored to be a part of your amazing healing course. This new knowledge will improve our patient success rate exponentially. The course you developed, along with the depth of information, was well beyond anything we could have expected. We feel so fortunate to have been on this journey with you. Healing flowers forever!

Love and gratitude,

Bach Flower Therapy Class of 2020

Thank you so much for the amazing nine weeks of class. I learned a lot and I am so blessed.

– Danielle Prigge