Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopaths
Resource Hub

A self-study program and resource hub designed especially for homeopaths

What is Bach Flower Therapy?

Learn what Bach Flower Therapy is and what it can do.

Why Bach Flower Therapy for Homeopaths?

Learn how & why Bach flower therapy is valuable in homeopathic practice.

Homeopathy vs. Bach Flower Therapy

See a point-by-point comparison of the two modalities.

History of Bach Flower Therapy

Learn about Dr. Edward Bach and his extraordinary legacy.

How the Remedies Are Made

Learn how the remedies are made via the sun and boiling methods.

The Twelve Healers & Other Groups

Learn about Bach's frameworks for categorizing the remedies.

Studying the Remedies

Find tips and a suggested curriculum for studying the remedies here.


Select remedies by browsing an A-to-Z list of mental and emotional states.

Remedies A to Z

Browse an A-to-Z list of Bach flower remedy descriptions.


Learn Bach flower therapy casetaking & how it differs from homeopathy.

Case Analysis

Understand what needs to be healed and what to prioritize.

Preparation & Dosing

Learn about remedy preparation and dosing in acute & chronic conditions.

Resources for Beginners

Browse must-have resources for beginners by authors of note.

More Books & Resources

Browse a list of resources divided by focus areas and topics.

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