Clematis vitalba

"Those who are dreamy, drowsy, not fully awake, no great interest in life. Quiet people, not really happy in their present circumstances, living more in the future than in the present; living in hopes of happier times, when their ideals may come true. In illness some make little or no effort to get well, and in certain cases, may even look forward to death, in the hope of better times; or maybe, meeting again some beloved one whom they have lost."

Edward Bach, The Twelve Healers

This person escapes from the present moment by daydreaming of a more exciting or pleasant reality. They may seem like they are in their own world, distracted from the task at hand or from what is happening around them. This often results in an appearance of spaceyness and in clumsiness. The remedy can be given for cases of attention deficit when the person is a daydreamer.

Keywords: Distracted, daydreaming, in one's own world, unfocused

Positive state: Presence, interest in and engagement with life, fulfillment in the physical realm