Wild Oat

Bromus ramosus

"Those who have ambitions to do something of prominence in life, who wish to have much experience, and to enjoy all that which is possible for them, to take life to the full. Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow, as although their ambitions are strong, they have no calling which appeals to them above all others."

—Edward Bach, The Twelve Healers

Wild Oat addresses a state of uncertainty or lack of focus regarding one’s path. These individuals might feel that they are unable to figure out their life purpose. They will tend to see and explore the many options before them, without committing to any one. This can apply to their work, their relationships, their hobbies or any other area of their life. For this reason, this state is often associated with fickleness, changeability, dissatisfaction and boredom.

Keywords: Uncertainty, confusion regarding one's path or purpose; fickleness, changeability, lack of focus in life; dissatisfaction

Positive state: Focus and sense of direction in life, clarity of purpose